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Website Update Service


Part of my administrative support to a number of clients has always been to assist in updating their websites, whether through writing blogs, adding photos or adding events. Both of us have attended WordPress training courses so you can be confident that we can offer a full, regular website update service to our clients.

This will include:

  1. Basic updates of copy-writing, uploading photographs, events, testimonials
  2. Sourcing stock images
  3. Optimising pages for search engines
  4. Back-ups and updates to the site
  5. Addition of pages or change of page layout
  6. Links to social media
  7. Addition of sign up to a newsletter options, plus other plug-ins (apps) for things like calendars, maps, contact pages, search bars etc.

We have also teamed up with some brilliant local businesses to offer product photography, videography and graphic design as part of the Red Kite Services website update service – saving you time to concentrate on your business.

Regular updates to your website are important to encourage people to use your service. It is good for search engines, which like updated content. It also makes your business look efficient and shows that you are still in business.

The website update service will be available on a pay as you go basis, but you will get better value by signing up to one of the monthly retainer fee packages, which I am currently finalising.

I have already been supplying this service to Stillingfleet Lodge Nurseries, updating the website for over 6 years.

Please call me on 0758 4127644 if you are interested in finding out more.