Website Case Study

Sheriff Hutton Bridge Cricket Club – a Labour of Love!

Sheriff Hutton Bridge Cricket club logoI have a confession to make – most of my misspent youth (the summers anyway) were spent at Sheriff Hutton Bridge Cricket Club. “The Bridge” is a beautiful cricket ground and a very successful club, playing at the highest standard possible for an amateur team. My memories of the club go back to less heady days to the old pavilion and a rickety scorebox. Rumour has it that the first rule I learnt in life was “thou shalt not crawl behind the bowler’s arm”!

My Dad’s memories of the club go much further back than that – he has been a virtually permanent fixture at the club since his teens. If I was ever to fancy watching a game of cricket my migrating spirit would take me back to this field between Strensall and Sheriff Hutton where there is plenty of space to sit in the sun and enjoy the sound of leather on willow.

So with that history you will quite understand why I was happy to help the club out in updating their website when they approached me earlier this year.

Website Updates

The site was set up well, but much of the information was out dated and it wasn’t easy to find the latest news or put on information about teams other than the main teams. The marketing/social media team wanted a way to put the club on the map – not just for attracting players, but also as a destination for visitors to the area who might want to enjoy the atmosphere of a Yorkshire cricket match.

It is fair to say that work on the website is a work in progress – but websites always are. We started off by making the home page into more of a news page and the editorial team have really taken it and run with it. We have also set it up so that fixtures are shown next to each team, really giving a feel for the amount of matches played over the season by the three senior teams and four junior teams.

Website Training

I have also provided training to the main website editor so that he knows how to put events and news onto the correct pages. Work on Search Engine Optimisation is also ongoing and we will help train the site’s editors in thinking about that as they put posts and images on the site as well as improving the existing content. In the meantime the fact that the social media team is working really hard on twitter and instagram means that the site is getting a good numbers of hits, thereby helping with SEO.

Over the summer (and probably next winter too) we are going to work through the site to bring it more up to date, add new images and add a lot more of the statistics from the 70 year history of The Bridge (my Dad’s area of expertise).

We are therefore very proud to be supporters of Sheriff Hutton Bridge Cricket Club and wish them all the best for the forthcoming season.