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Latest Website Updates

Website updates are an important part of marketing your business – not only does it help with Search Engine Optimisation, but new content also shows that you are still actively trading. There is no point advertising events or deals that are out of date and advertising old prices or products can really cause you some problems.

We know it is time consuming and sometimes a bit daunting, so that is why we thought we would share with you some of the recent websites we have been updating

We work with marketing agency, Lyndon Associates, to keep websites for their clients up to date, for example:

Trans-alloy wheels

We have been supplied with a lot of new copy and photographs for this website. Although this is a CMS site, it is not built on WordPress, so we have had to become acquainted with a new set of functions. We have worked with Lyndon Associates to improve the copy and layout to make use of the excellent professional photography and location specific keywords. In addition we have added a news and testimonials page and uploaded content to these pages as supplied by Lyndon Associates. The overall impression is an eye-catching and relevant website, which you can view here.

Yorkshire Courses for Lawyers

We have worked with Ann Page at Yorkshire Courses for Lawyers for sometime, providing her with admin support. For the last year or so we have also been supporting her in keeping her website up to date. This has included adding this new page for her book launch, making the home page more personal, improving the SEO and adding events.


home page before website updating

Yorkshire Courses for Lawyers Home Page before website updating


home page after website updating

Yorkshire Courses for Lawyers Home Page after updating

Action Coach – Ros Jones

As an Action Coach, Ros Jones runs events throughout the year. We work with her to add all her events to the event page, linking them to the booking sites and tweaking the wording on repeat events. When we set up the events we ensure that the meta-description is relevant for the event, to encourage people to follow the link from online searches.


Website Updating Services

We offer a variety of web updating services  – our most popular is the Annual Website Support Package 20, which provides regular maintenance and pro-active update to your site – i.e. if you’ve not let us have any new information we will chase you for new content!

You can still work on a pay as you go basis, but we would recommend a retainer package to ensure that you keep updating your website regularly.