What can your website do for you?

We believe that a website is never finished, which is why we offer a full range of website services.

Your website is your shop window and as such it needs to be regularly changed and updated to reflect your business and the world around you.

You cannot publish your new website and then expect the work to roll in. It needs constant updating with fresh content for both visitors and for it to rank well in search engines.

Website Services

We initially introduced a website updating service as part of our core administrative and marketing support. We are always developing our services and we offer packages to take as much of the stress away from you as possible.

Whether we are updating or building websites we always work to make it as easy as possible for you to update the information on the sites so that your website can work effectively for your business.

If you are looking at ways to maintain and improve your current website or build a new one, please have a look at the different website services we offer. If you want to promote your website or you are looking for other administrative support for your business, then visit our Red Kite Services website to find out how we can help you further.

Websites we have built or worked on.

Here at Red Kite Services we have years of experience updating websites for ourselves and a wide range of customers. We have worked on a lot of websites for the wedding industry and garden centres, as well as small businesses and charities.

We take pride in the appearance of all the websites we work on so we are more than happy for you to view them and see for yourself. Below is a selection of websites we have worked on extensively or built from scratch, that showcase the website services we offer.

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Woodside Garden Website Updating – Covid 19 Updates

By Peter Lyth | 24th July 2020

Our website updating service has really come into it’s own this year. Many businesses have had to change how they do business almost over night. One of the sectors massively affected by lock down was garden centres. Their busiest time of year is always spring – from Easter to end of June. Having to close…

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Latest Website Updates

By Samantha Lyth | 10th July 2020

Website updates are an important part of marketing your business – not only does it help with Search Engine Optimisation, but new content also shows that you are still actively trading. There is no point advertising events or deals that are out of date and advertising old prices or products can really cause you some…

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Skeleton Leaf Website

By Peter Lyth | 4th April 2020
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Sheriff Hutton Bridge Cricket Club – a Labour of Love!

By Samantha Lyth | 10th May 2019

I have a confession to make – most of my misspent youth (the summers anyway) were spent at Sheriff Hutton Bridge Cricket Club. “The Bridge” is a beautiful cricket ground and a very successful club, playing at the highest standard possible for an amateur team. My memories of the club go back to less heady…

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New Garden Website Design

By Samantha Lyth | 5th July 2018

Woodside Garden is a walled garden near Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders. It has a plant centre, an award winning coffee shop and runs a series of events throughout the year. We were delighted when we secured the Woodside Garden website design contract. Stephen and Emma Emmerson inherited their website when they bought the business…

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Trevor Lund Chimney Sweep Website Build

By Samantha Lyth | 17th June 2018

Trevor Lund Chimney Sweep website – trevorlund.co.uk Trevor Lund is a chimney sweep who felt that his website was outdated and not very user friendly, so he could not update it himself. He was frustrated at the time taken to update the site content and he wanted a site more suited to his current requirements. We…

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Halnaby Hall Stables Website Update

By Samantha Lyth | 9th August 2017

A couple of months ago we were recommended to Rosie Lister, the owner of Halnaby Hall Stables Bed and Breakfast near Darlington. The person who had built and been maintaining Rosie’s website was retiring and she needed someone to take over the management of her site. We met with Rosie and agreed that whilst she…

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E-commerce Website Goes Live

By Samantha Lyth | 3rd February 2017

We have just completed a large e-commerce website build and the client is already seeing excellent results. Skeleton Leaf  has been importing skeleton leaves into the UK for several years for distribution to customers all over the world. Owner Mike Lyth  lives in Thailand for much of the time and is a fluent Thai speaker with very good…

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Working with a Committee – Parish Council Website Build

By Samantha Lyth | 15th December 2016

We were delighted that an existing client recommended us to quote for the job of building the Stillingfleet Parish Council website. So, in the summer of 2016 I sat down withe a sub-group of the council to tease out exactly what they needed from a website – they had provided a comprehensive but rather complex plan of…

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Another Website Goes Live

By Samantha Lyth | 3rd November 2015

I was delighted earlier in the year to be asked to update the website of York Wedding Industry Network. The aim was to provide a site that looked appealing to couples getting married in York, showcase the members of the Network and be simple enough for a number of the members to update. And here it…

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